Space to Learn

We choose to invest time and energy into helping you gather skills and grow as artists. Everything from our Dynamic Drawing events to workshops on budgeting, there are options for everybody. Little Space Studio isn’t just a place to work, it’s a place to learn.



Speakers, networking, roundtables, and more. Little Space Studio hosts diverse, accessible, and inclusive events to facilitate relevant discussions with our creative community and surrounding networks. 



Looking to add a new skillset to your base? Luckily, our diverse network of talent is ready to share their knowledge. Whether it's learning Photoshop or discovering how to weave a basket, Little Space Studio's hands-on experiences allow for beginners and experts alike to try their hand at something new. 


Business classes are great, but when it comes to creative careers, we're always in need of more innovative solutions. Little Space Studio provides professional development for those learning to set up their creative businesses, how to prepare taxes for freelancers, and how to stay relevant in our ever-evolving industries.


Corporate Programming

Need to get your team to think out of the box? Need a conference room for a day to meet offsite? Little Space Studio welcomes you to work from a different perspective. Contact us for a custom-tailored solution.