little space studio began as a concept to merge two types of a creative working environment: a fast-paced illustration studio and a workshop space. Throughout its first year it tested the concept that a functioning studio could also be utilized by other groups, often those who may not have access to such a space. 

In this experiment we have begun to cultivate a community eager to learn in their respective creative fields, and allowing groups in the greater Grand Rapids area the chance to play in a real art studio, while getting serious work done. Stay tuned as we continue to make this experiment a reality

Little Space Studio is a community-driven incubator and work facilitator for creative professionals in the Grand Rapids area.

In smaller terms, we serve as a curated co-working space for local freelancers and contractors as well as a creative studio for agencies and businesses in search of talent. We have a sharp eye for good work and a professional atmosphere for events and meetings.

- <3 from the studio


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